A downloadable game for Windows

This game was made for an exercice given and we had to make a shoot'em up.

It has been polished since it has be done last year (2018).

It may features few bugs and I'm sorry about that.

You are controlling a ship where you have to get through multiple waves in order to fight the boss and defeat it.

When you destroy a ship, it will fill a bit your laser bar so you can shoot.


- Leaderboard

- Laser

- Wave

- Boss


Kévin MOUTTE - Game Design & Programmation

Théo COLLET - Moral support

Frédéric BREGAND - Game Art

Install instructions

Just download and launch the .exe to play the game !


WASD / Arrow Key - Move ship

Space - Shoot

Hold V (may bug) - Fire laser


Xenos Purge.zip 27 MB


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Nice game