Students project on our first Game JAM in our school, ESA Games.

The theme of this Game JAM was : "Lovecraft"

We had inspiration on the movie "The Continent of the Fishmen".

It may feature a lot of bugs !

This game was made in 36 hours.


Eloys DONNET - Programmation & Animation

Kévin MOUTTE (me) - Game Design & Programmation

Théo  COLLET - Game Design & Game Art

Frédéric BREGAND - Character Design

Jérôme BLAISE - Game Art / Character Design

Gabriel LOEFFLER - Environnement Art

Install instructions


Just download and launch the .exe to play the game !


Arrow Key - Jump + Movement

(ALT) A / D - Movement

W - Attack


The Continent of the 14 MB

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